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Profile Mobile Apps in Production

Specto makes it easy to collect vital metrics and profile your iOS and Android apps in production with just a few lines of code. Our platform lets you stay competitive with the most demanding user expectations.

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We use Specto to find and act on opportunities to improve the performance of our mobile apps before they ship. In just a few weeks, this helped us reduce startup time of our Android apps by 15%.
Arty Vohmincevs, Notion Apps Team Manager

For Developers

Specto is built by developers for developers. We strive for easy and transparent integration while providing hands-on support when needed.

  • Simple Integration

    The Specto SDK can be integrated into your app with just a few lines of code. Most configuration options, like sampling rate and enabling or disabling plugins, are set remotely so you can ship your app and fine tune later.

  • Transparency

    We’ve gone to great lengths to be a good citizen in your app. We don't swizzle any operating system functions, don't run any code unless you explicitly initialize the SDK, and are fully App Store / Play Store-compliant.

  • Small Footprint

    The SDK adds less than 1MB (per architecture) to your application's size on both iOS and Android.

A new approach to mobile app performance

Time profiling without the hassle. We continuously collect and aggregate metrics on the execution time of function call trees in production.

Root cause analysis. We combine advanced data analysis with deep domain knowledge to determine the root causes of issues and provide you with readily actionable items. Coming soon!

App startup tracing. The Specto SDK will automatically trace and collect data from your app's startup. This is one of the most impactful areas of the app that you should optimize.

3rd party SDK monitoring. 3rd party SDKs are often the cause of unidentified performance issues and with Specto we will surface those for easy debugging.

Anomaly and regression monitoring. Receive alerts when measurements you care about cross certain thresholds, or when an issue you've fixed before resurfaces. Coming soon!

A/B test comparison. Test and verify performance improvements with existing user segmentation solutions. Coming soon!

Profile in Production

Get function-level insight into the performance of your application by visualizing call trees and flamegraphs from production.

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Call tree

Add Custom Spans

Spans help break down larger tasks like rendering a scrolling feed of content into smaller sub-components that can be analyzed individually to isolate the root cause of a performance problem. Spans are created by adding start and end markers to sections of code, which are then measured and visualized on our dashboard.

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Specto scales with your app

High growth startups to enterprises. Specto can provide benefits to your newly-launched and quickly growing apps, as well as established players with mature mobile offerings seeking to differentiate from increased competition. Our systems are designed for security and large data volumes.

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